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Monday, April 5, 2010

Multiagent Systems Introduction

Last week it was my pleasure to give an invited talk at Temple University, part of their Robert M. and Mary Haythornthwaite Foundation Distinguished Lecture Series. I tried to provide a high-level overview of multiagent systems is all about, which is always a huge challenge as the field covers a lot of disparate areas. After some thought, I decided to pick three applications and
  1. describe all the issues relevant to the problem,
  2. show how we use theory (either algorithms, game theory, or Economics) to get a better understanding of the underlying issues,
  3. explain how there is still much engineering that needs to be done because even the best theory or algorithm still millions of details, and software is just a collection of details.
For posterity sake, below are the slides I used. The slides contain as little text as possible, which I think generally makes for a better talk.


Alex Ivanov said...

Mr. Vidal, we can not view your document because of "Sorry, we are unable to retrieve the document for viewing".

jmvidal said...

Ah, yes, google does not like it sometimes when you use the google viewer to embed google docs pdf. I moved the pdf over to my site so its working now. Thanks!