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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Webapp for Turning in Programming Homeworks

Since I had to grade about 20 programs every week and since these howeworks were webapps themselves that would be posted on some website that I could test, I figured that best way would be to have a pastebin-like app that allowed me to view all submitted homeworks. No such thing existed so I built one and called it i-am-done.

I used it last semester and it works very well. I allows one to:

  1. create a class, and homeworks for it, giving each one a due date,
  2. get a simple URL to give students for turning in programs for that homework,
  3. view all the submitted howeworks for each student, in nicely colorized code thanks to prettify,
  4. students can upload and delete any number of files associated with a particular homework but, of course, they can't see anyone else's homeworks.

It is like a paste-bin where only the person that created the class can see the code pasted under that class. I have placed the code here in case someone wants to make a fully featured system out of it. I would loooove to see that.


Unknown said...

Hi, you may give vmchecker a try. This is what is in use at my University. It allows students to send their homework and the application will grade them according to some public/private/mixed tests allowing the teacher to set any penalty he desires (late submissions after deadline, bad coding style, etc).

It uses virtualization making it safe to run code from any student.

Hope it helps.

(if the link below doesn't show, look for it on github)


Unknown said...

Also, as a student using it, I can testify that it helps very much in homework's grading process.

jmvidal said...

Thanks for the link! I'll check it out.